Instructions / Information


New Applicants:


-          You will NOT be able to submit a fellowship application unless you have already submitted a graduate application online, at the AUC Student Service Center - New Cairo campus, or at the AUC New York office.

-          You will NOT be able to submit a fellowship application unless you have received a valid AUC ID number through the above channels.

-          Only applicants with full admission to their graduate program, with no program prerequisites or remedial English, are shortlisted for fellowships.

-          You do NOT need to know your admission status before applying to fellowships.

-          We have access and use all the documents that you have submitted with your graduate application in the process of consideration to fellowships.


Enrolled/Continuing Students:


-          You do NOT need to submit a new graduate application to apply to fellowships.

-          You are advised to attach an updated CV to the fellowship application.



ALL applicants:


-          Please read fellowships’ eligibility requirements and apply by the deadlines

-          This application serves as a guarantee that you are being considered for fellowships. It does NOT guarantee that you are going to be awarded a fellowship.

-          In addition to an updated CV, you can attach any documents that would support your application.

-          Applicants to the Writing Center fellowship MUST attach a writing sample to their application.

-          Graduate fellowships provide full or partial coverage of tuition fees.

-          Interested applicants have a maximum of three fellowships to apply to  any given semester.



I have read the instructions carefully and I am fully aware that if awarded, I will make every effort to be a fulltime student by taking three courses per semester and be committed to the fellowship work assignment if any,  as required by the program.